BAT for Drupal uses four components that are all required to get the full range of funcitonality.

  1. The BAT PHP Library - this provides the core booking functionality. The best way to install and manage it on your Drupal site is through Composer and Composer Manager for Drupal
  2. The BAT module is a wrapper around the library providing Entity, Views, Rules and Event Management via calendars.
  3. The BAT API 2.x provides REST access to event data and event manipulation. It powers functionality, such as, the dragging and dropping of events on the calendar UI.
  4. The FullCalendar jQuery library as a UI to events.


Drupal Modules

jQuery Libraries

  1. FullCalendar library (check bat.make in the module directory for the correct version to download)
  2. FullCalendar Scheduler extension. Please note that scheduler is a premium add-on to FullCalendar, and you must purchase a license if you intend to use it in a commercial project. See Scheduler License Information (Scheduler is not developed by Roomify) (check bat.make in the module directory for the correct version to download)
  3. Timepicker - This is not a strict requirement - it simply makes the creation of hour-based events easier.

Drush-based Setup

If you are familiar with Drush and Drush make, then you can use the bat.make file in the BAT module repository to get all the modules required (in versions we have tested BAT with) and the FullCalendar Library. From your Drupal root directory run:

drush make --no-core sites/all/modules/bat/bat.make


You will need to install Composer if you don’t have that already (a great idea since it will be needed for Drupal 8).

Follow the instructions from the Composer Manager module to get set up.